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Process of an Angel Session with Jacqueline

This is a time for YOU to find direction and clarity on anything you are curious about or is weighing heavy on your heart.

Take a moment to be quiet and let your thoughts flow.

Don’t try to control what questions come to your mind.

Take advantage of this opportunity to write down thoughts running through your mind. We will find answers to your questions when we meet so for now focus on the questions. The angel conversation is a very fluid process. We’ll talk and tap into the angels for the right information to be revealed. As the angels get clarity on what you are ready to hear they will interrupt for more guidance and direction. Based on your openness to the process each question leads to the next and the answers will make details more clear throughout your session.

Make a list of any and all questions you seek from your Angels talking with Jacqueline’s Angels’ through spiritual guidance, as you allow yourself to move closer to your desired truth.

Before your session with Jacqueline, you will need to give your Angels permission to share the answers to your questions. All you are going to experience is permission based. You have free will to receive and move forward or take time to pause to learn more.

This is a private and special time between you and your Angels. Please be prepared with a a note pad and pen or recorder. You will want to remember a lot of details down for later reflection. The angels often give very detailed tools and tips necessary for your own journey.

This will give you the opportunity to highlight the gifts of information, as it often takes time to process the extensive details gained.

You are welcome to record sessions over the phone or via skype. Taking notes helps to keep the main points most focused in your mind and the Angels directed toward what you need to hear. Most clients like to record directly on their phone. Be sure to have enough memory space available or have another recording option.

Angel Session Testimonials

Upon coming to a crossroad in my life and not knowing which direction I should turn regarding generating income, I sought Jacqueline’s guidance. Jacqueline came up with a plan for my husband and I, with the guidance of her Angels. I came away from our session with a specific plan of action. After following the plan for about a week, more work came in for my husband’s business. I now have a peace about the direction my life should be taking for the time being and I am clear about what I need to accomplish each day and the value of what I am doing.. using my gifts to make a difference. Before meeting with Jacqueline, I had come to a place in my life where I couldn’t  figure out what I should be doing. I was also questioning the value of my job as a wife and mother. I was looking for additional avenues of income as well. Jacqueline helped me put my “value” as a person and the many roles that I play into perspective. She helped me put my priorities in place reminding me that we must be grateful for the gifts we possess and then put them to use. Income will follow, needs will be met, and peace will ensue. It all starts with the first step! Thank You to Jacqueline and her Angels!  Heidi
The hour with Jacqueline in a simple statement is “being more in touch with the spiritual confirmation of what I have been working on. Spiritual confidence and suggestions on how to get their quicker – In one word Clarity.  Chuck B.
For those of you who have been thinking about using Jacqueline’s Angel Sessions, my advice to you is stop thinking and start acting. I was at a definite crossroads in my life in every aspect from life, work, family, etc. I went to Jacqueline with an open heart and open mind, the result was nothing less than life changing. I was told some things I already knew but didn’t want to hear (even though I needed to) and then I was told new things as well. The new thoughts were what had the most impact on me. I left there feeling refreshed and renewed, but more importantly I had solid advice in which I could take to move my life forward.. In one hour I went from stuck to unstuck, now that is truly a gift, to me that is priceless. Take the step and visit with Jacqueline today, you will not be sorry.  Story Bach
The clarity that comes in hearing and you confirming I am getting the messages I need to hear and see , and all I need to do now is pay attention and listen. Quit doubting myself because I do know. It’s reassuring and confirms I am on track when I talk with you and the angels. It’s also fun and humorous at times what I do. I also love the support as I cannot talk to a lot of people about what I see and feel. Many of my friends think I am crazy. I know my path is not every ones for sure and many will not understand it and how far I have grown and come. So its nice to have you to share that with. Mahalo plenty. Robbie
My experience with Jacqueline was very insightful and down to earth. She explained my angels in such a way that I could accept and believe what I always held as possible but not practical in my daily physical life. I came away from my session with an insight that I had lived a half in half out belief in angels and spirit, and faith but after our session, I felt an easy shift into accepting all of spirit, and all that goes with spirit and that acceptance has brought a peaceful balance to my life. Bruce
I have had the privilege and honor of having sessions with Jacqueline and her Angels for myself and for my teenage son. I was immediately struck by the precision of the guidance, as well as the great container within which the session took place. The Angels will only respond to questions that the seeker asks, so the guidance given is direct and to the point. I left the sessions feeling a great sense ofclarity and realignment with my life’s purpose. My son felt the same. The feeling has lasted and deepened over the several weeks since our sessions. Thank you for this great gift!  Michael D.
Jacqueline has been very beneficial in validating the things I am contemplating or adding insight when I am working on a decision. The clarity gained when discussing things with her helps me keep a more balanced outlook and quiets my brain in times of stress. I highly recommend even just one session if you have thoughts you are struggling to sort through! Stacy B.