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Angel Sessions


For over 20 years, clients have been experiencing the powerful and transforming gift of Jacqueline’s exclusive

‘Angel Sessions’

From a young age Jacqueline quickly realized she had an intuitive gift. She could see and hear things differently than others, and she enjoyed seeking answers to life’s questions while challenging her Angels. When life provided her with the learning opportunities of experiencing great loss from two of her brothers and her mother’s passing, Jacqueline chose to use her journey of self discovery to strengthen her inner self in finding her own understanding. Knowing every choice we make is for a reason and some choices take us the long path and other choices take the short path to reaching our authentic life. Click here or scroll down to read more about Jacqueline’s amazing story. In a session with Jacqueline you will hear exactly what her Angels have been sent to tell you, not a translation from a book or teacher. In her experience, the greatest lessons are learned through life moments and paths crossing. Jacqueline has chosen to be self-taught to keep her authentic gift. She has learned through messages given to her, to know when the time is right to share, but also to discern when someone is not ready or willing to be informed of what she sees and hears.

 This is a once in a lifetime experience that will leave you wanting to learn more about Jacqueline’s intuition and life transforming abilities. She has managed to use her intuitive gift to guide business leaders to ultimate success, support clients through life altering changes and has an unmatched record, helping people find and fall in love.

 Enjoy an incredible private hour long Angel Session with Jacqueline Nichols via phone or Skype.

NOTE: It is important to ask questions and to understand the process of intuitive guidance, so that you can be empowered with the ability to decide whether this is your path to revealing the truth and wisdom within yourself. Please feel free to email Jacqueline to answer any questions you may have about this process, or to schedule a session. Fill out the information below or directly email her at

More on Jacqueline’s Gift

Jacqueline began noticing the power of her gift being given to another, when she found herself “accidentally” blurting out a comment about something she was seeing in a friend via her Angles wisdom. After testing the waters to find out if her friends were open to another way of learning, she felt drawn to share more, with her friend’s permission. Out of curiosity, her friends and many others asked her to continue. Soon Jacqueline found those that she had shared a spontaneous session with were seeking her for more information time and time again. The results of her shared Angel knowledge proved to be a great benefit to others lives. With persistent nudges from her Angels, Jacqueline found a way to communicate with people by seeing them in the light of their Angels. She didn’t look to notice the color of their eyes or how successful they were… she looked to see the energy around them and hear the wisdom they sought for answers by seeking information from a higher power. Seeing “kinks” in her people’s energy field, her Angels share with her evidence of pain they are carrying. With her Angels wisdom she gives explicit details to what she sees spiritually and how to release the pain. The information never fails to be life changing. Her Angels’ validation of her gifts through positive results of the words shared gives Jacqueline guidance and inspiration to continually strengthening her skills. Embracing her gift has already changed many lives and now will reach an endless ability to empower others by ability to teach the wisdom of the Angels through intuitive guidance.

“Have you been asking yourself deeper and more powerful life transforming questions? Have you questioned what you need to do for the right path to be brought in front of you? Are you curious about ways to live a fuller, more on purpose life? Do you want to know about your spiritual purpose and find answers that only your angels can give you? Then I invite you to reach out and schedule your own angel session. Let’s awaken your heart and journey to discover your richest life of success and love. It’s time for your most authentic life to begin” ~ Jacqueline